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Irish Tour 2017

Following an enthusiastic reception for our visit to the Emerald Isle in 2016 we are delighted to be returning in August-September this year. Catch us at Cootehill Arts Festival, Electric Picnic, Ballintubbert House, Clifden Arts Festival, Glór, Ennis, Black Box […]


Who we are ?

The Company

Footsbarn Travelling Theatre is one of the world’s leading touring companies performing for the most part in one of its circus big tops but also in theatres thoughout the world.

Renowned for its exciting adaptations of classics such as Shakespeare & Moliere transcending the barrier of language with its unique blend of visual theatre, music and magic.

In thirty five years, Footsbarn has produced nearly 60 plays and travelled to the six Continents and is a truley multi-national group. The actors possess a multiplicity of talents and theatrical techniques all of which inhabit and enrich every performance.

Footsbarn began life in cornwall in 1971 rehearsing in a barn owned by the Foot family, hence its name. In 1984 the company left Britain to take its brand of theatre to international audiences and remained without a base until 1991 when a farm was purchased in central France, La Chaussée. Today its base is both a fully equipped production centre complete with workshops, rehearsal space, office and studios but also a centre for education. Over the last 15 years Footsbarn has organised and staged numerous workshops, which have been taught by both actors from the company as well as proffessionals associated with Footsbarn.

“Footsbarn’s influence can be detected in a subsequent generation of companies. Without Footsbarn, we may never have had Complicite, Kneehigh and Told by an Idiot : companies which reach out across the footlights and embrace the audience, recognising that circus and clowning are not dirty words.” The Guardian, Lyn Gardner

The Company

The Tuileries garden in Paris

The Company
The Company
The Company
The Company
The Company

The Tents

A company, two tents

Footsbarn has two Big Top style tents available for touring, the larger tent seats 450 and the smaller seats 350.

Bar Tent

In addition there is a smaller foyer tent which includes a bar. This tent can also be used to display works of art and is the scene of many a post show party !

Available to hire

All the Footsbarn tents are available to hire for weddings, parties and festivals. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your event : +33 (0)4 70 06 84 84.

And of course if you are booking the company to perform in your festival, then the tent can be available as additional venue for other performances, talks and workshops.

Download more information about the tents here : Footsbarn-TENTS

The Tents
The Tents
The Tents

Inside the Tent during a show

The Tents

Festive atmosphere in the tent bar !

La Chaussée – Place of residence

La Chaussée has been the home of Footsbarn Travelling Theatre for over 20 years.

At La Chaussée we have studios,  workshops and office for our administration. The old farm is made up of 6 buildings (rehearsal space workshops for set building, props, costumes and masks ; music studio ; storage space ; restaurant ; bedrooms ; dormitories ; kitchen, tent sites to put up our big tops and also a camp site for our caravans). Our base allows us to rehearse and  create new shows. Situated in Maillet in the centre of France, very close to Montluçon, just a couple of kilometres from the picturesque village of Herisson, La Chaussée has been transformed over the years from a farm to a centre for aritistic creation and training, a place full of energy and new ideas.

Today we organise international workshops every year, where people of all nationalities and specialities mix (we accept both professionals and amateurs), which stimulate and enrich everyone. Every 2 years we hold a three week summer school led by our theatre company, for 30 participants who come to create and experience theatre. Jasmin Martorell, Mas  Soegeng, Heinzi Lorenzen, Nola Rae, Patrick Sims et Josephine Biereye, Julian Furtuna, Pierre Byland, Tapa Sudana, François Lecoq…. Are among those who have taught in the past (singing, theatre, movement, puppetry, clowning and mime) along side the Footsbarn company members

La Chaussée regularly hosts performances from the four corners of the world, but also local ones such as le petit Théâtre Dakoté, Monique Brun, Le P’tit Bastringue, Les Passagers du Vent, la compagnie de Pierre Meunier, Entre deux Caisses, les Antiliaclastes Marionnettes, Jean-Pierre Estournet, nomadic photographer. In over 20 years at La Chaussée, Footsbarn have created 18 shows, 700 people have participated in 68 workshops, 4 local tours of the Region of Auvergne, festivals in celebration of Footsbarn’s anniversaries had an audience of over 15,000 people (a dozen big tops with 35 companies who cam from 12 different countries).

A cinema allows us to have a film society.

Cultural Centre working with regional organisations.

To strengthen our base we aim to develop the relationships we have with our existing partners. This is the case with the Cube in Hérisson, but this should also be with other artist residencies in the region and also by twinning with cities internationally.

La Chaussée - Place of residence

The main court

La Chaussée - Place of residence

La Chaussée restaurant

La Chaussée - Place of residence

Small studio

La Chaussée - Place of residence

Big studio

La Chaussée - Place of residence

Main building (office)

La Chaussée - Place of residence


Cuckoo’s Nest

Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

first performance : 04 July 2014
last performance : 30 December 2018

Cuckoo’s Nest based on the novel by Ken Kesey

First performance : 04 July 2014
Last performance : 30 december 2018

“When you lose your laugh, you lose your footing” - Ken Kesey


Renowned for their vivacious and subversive versions of Shakespeare, Footsbarn have turned their attention to the masterpiece of counterculture One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Many will remember Jack Nicholson’s feisty performance in Milo Forman’s classic film, no less memorable is Footsbarn’s Cuckoo’s Nest ; a very different adaptation of this literary and big screen classic, combining the original book’s powerful narrative with the world-leading company’s uniquely comic slant and mastery of puppetry and masks.

“Artistic director, Paddy Hayter, describes the company’s latest show as ‘freely inspired by Ken Kesey’. I’d like to think the late author would have been delighted by the heady mix of humour, song, poetry, puppetry, physical theatre and mime employed by Footsbarn to bring his story to life on stage.”  Western Morning News

Set in a psychiatric hospital, a group of patients live under the tyrannical rule of a despotic nurse.  Exercising total control over both inmates and staff, Nurse Ratchet leads a brutal regime that exploits the weaknesses of the patients in her care.  With power over time itself, she floods the ward with a “fog” that numbs the senses.

Into this purgatory steps a patient unlike any other.

McMurphy : a charismatic, life-loving rogue, who will challenge the Nurse’s hold with his insolence and his laughter.  No-one knows why he has been committed – is he even insane?

The big Nurse is on her guard, the delicate balance she has spent years putting in place is under threat.  In her mini kingdom she has absolute rule, surrounded by a court of fawning aides who take out their own frustrations on the patients.

The Indian chief knows it.  Passing himself off as deaf and dumb, he sees and hears everything as he patiently sweeps the hospital corridors.

A battle of wits begins as McMurphy’s irrepressible life force sweeps through the ward carrying even the chief along with him towards a denouement worthy of any greek tragedy.

In an epoch where the very fibre of our individuality is being eroded by ever invasive technology and surveillance, it is good to revisit Ken Kesey’s story.  A denunciation of all forms of dictatorship, an ode to freedom and friendship, to the right to be different, it is more poignant than ever today.

Cuckoo's Nest

Ratchet et Harding

Cuckoo's Nest

Ambiance Hôpital

Cuckoo's Nest
Cuckoo's Nest
Cuckoo's Nest
Cuckoo's Nest

Aperçu des spectacles

Cuckoo's Nest

by Ken Kesey

first performance : 04/07/2014
last performance : 30/12/2018


Hérisson en fête 2017

Le Footsbarn Travelling Theatre, très attaché au théâtre de proximité, renouvelle l’organisation de son festival «Hérisson en fête» : il se tiendra cette année les 4, 5 et 6 août 2017.

Encore une fois, le festival « Hérisson en fête » célèbre les arts dans le charmant village de Hérisson avec ses habitants, perpétuant ainsi le rendez-vous initié il y a plus de 40 ans par les Fédérés.

Chaque année, ce rendez-vous réunit des artistes divers parmi un public toujours plus nombreux et fidèle. La recette de ce succès ? Une programmation audacieuse et renouvelée, des artistes investis et passionnés, des équipes motivées.

Ce festival s’inscrit dans une ambiance conviviale qui crée des occasions de rencontres entre les artistes et les publics en les faisant voyager à travers un paysage artistique varié, populaire et cosmopolite où se mêlent le théâtre, la musique, le chant, ou encore la poésie. Découvrez également les animations !

La programmation 2017 nous réserve de belles rencontres… Vous ne serez pas déçus !

Pour cette nouvelle édition, le Footsbarn a voulu que le public soit au plus proche des acteurs du festival, effaçant alors la barrière artiste/public et pratiquer le théâtre de proximité qui lui est cher. C’est ainsi que comédiens, musiciens, enfants et adultes se côtoieront sans limite pour rendre cette fête joyeuse en vivant des moments qui ne se partagent qu’à Hérisson.

Accédez à la programmation 2017 >>>Dépliant HEF 17

Attention modification, le jeudi 3 aout dès 20h, SOIREE MUSICALE au bar // Soirée Théâtrale annulée //

Dépliant HEF 17

Dépliant HEF 172

Festival “Hérisson en Fête” 2017 – Quais de l’Aumance – 03190 HERISSON


Pour vous y rendre :

* Depuis Montluçon (25km) :
Prendre D2144 direction Estivareilles – puis D3 (à Estivareilles) direction Cosne d’Allier/Hérisson – Prendre à gauche “Hérisson”.

* Depuis Cosne d’Allier (11km) :
Prendre D11 direction Vallon-En-Sully – puis à droite “Hérisson”

Informations et réservations : 04 70 06 84 84
Flore Monnier – flore@footsbarn.com










Hérisson en fête 2017

Cie Cabaïlando, “Duelo Tango” - © Béatrice Biewer

Hérisson en fête 2017

Théâtre Guignol Lyonnais du Parc de Choisy

Hérisson en fête 2017

Cie La volga, “Kanpaï”

Hérisson en fête 2017

Cie La Volga, “Marcelle Marcel”

Hérisson en fête 2017

Collectif La Bohème

Hérisson en fête 2017

Cie du P’tit Bastringue, “Fait Divers”


du Monday 19 au Tuesday 20 June 2017

11h00 / 19h00

Shakespeare Celebration
Nid de Coucou
Švandovo théâtre à Smíchov, Prague

Footsbarn Theatre à Prague

Friday 07 July 2017


Festival Remp'Arts
En plein air
Château de la Mothe, Louroux-Hodement

Retouche Molière

du Saturday 15 au Sunday 16 July 2017


15/07 Retouche Molière
16/07 Nid de Coucou
Sous chapiteau
Devant le CNCS à Moulins

Footsbarn à Moulins

Sunday 06 August 2017


Festival Hérisson en fête

Retouche Molière

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