The Footsbarn Theatre in AVIGNON !

The Footsbarn Theatre is in AVIGNON (south of France) !

From June to August, the company plants his tent in the heart of the Saint-Chamand district !

This vast operation of theatrical animation in the heart of Saint-Chamand could not be made without the approval of the municipality of Avignon, who honors us and gives us confidence to offer the shows “Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Incomplete Works” to share our passion with different people : school, residents, professionals and enthusiasts in order to share and enrich throughout these three months.

From June to August : three major projects

Install the tent and caravans on the castle site monitoring the organization of logistics teams, technical and communication with the locals. We will present our two shows mainly to the attention of school: “Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Incomplete Works”. A special welcome will be reserved for young people.

The month of July will be dedicated to professionals and to the festival : Footsbarn will present its performances but also offer its tent of 450 places as a place of meetings, exchanges, conferences… The “Pass” ticket will be set up for local people.

A performance at the end of the workshops
Festival will mark the end of a quieter time of July 26th until the end of August.
This will be the moment to deepen the actions with the habitants: social evenings, meetings, exhibitions, musical evenings, exchanges and collaborations.
We will organize an internship to the attention of professionals and enthusiasts who lead to the production of a show presented to the public at the end of August.

The theatrical experience of Footsbarn, 45 years old, will mingle while all neighborhood associations located around Saint-Chamand and other districts who wish to conduct these operations in a spirit of sharing and construction, convinced that everyone can get rich from the other.