26th – 30th of June 2019 GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2019  Great-Britain

30th of July 2019 FESTIVAL DE THÉÂTRE DE TAUVES France

4th of August 2019 DESERTINES France

18th of August 2019 NERIS LES BAINS France

13th of September 2019 FESTIVAL LES TRÉTEAUX DE LA BASTIDE Villeneuve-sur-Lot France

15th of September 2019 FESTIVAL THÉÂTRE EN ABBAYE St Jean d’Angely France


LA CHAUSSÉE Maillet, France

28th of May 2019 IRISH ACCORDION CONCERT WITH BREANNDÁN Ó BEAGLAOICH + projection of the sublime film “Artists’ Odyssey”

4th of July 2019 TON UND KIRCHEN: “In the Blink of an Eye” show

8th – 11th of August 2019 FOOTSBARN EN FÊTE: theatre, circus, music

End of August 2019 CIE LES ANTLIACLASTES: “Ambregris” puppet show

The date will be defined FILM WORKSHOP: “Shakespeare’s shoutings”